5 Best Air Fryer in UAE 2023

Looking for the best air fryer in UAE and it has grown in popularity as more people desire to eat healthy foods. These machines can fry, grill, bake, and prepare your favorite foods simply by circulating hot air around them.

If you can’t live without your favorite fries and crunchy nuggets but want to eat healthier, an air fryer is a good investment. Only hot air cooks your meal because they use little to no oil to fry it. These air fryers contain mechanical fans that circulate hot air at high speeds, resulting in that crispy layer.

In today’s market, there are numerous air fryers, all of which come in various sizes and with a variety of product features, so it may be tough to choose the one that is right for your kitchen. So, to make your life easier, we’ve produced a list of the top 5 air fryers for every style of cook.

1. Nutricook Air Fryer 2, Digital Control Panel

Nutricook Air Fryer 2, 1700 Watts, Digital Control Panel Display, 10 Preset Programs With Built-In...
  • 85% less fat. The air fryer 2 makes food with up-to 85% less fat than traditional...
  • Smarttemp technology. Our breakthrough smarttemp technology automatically adjusts...
  • Shake reminder. The air fryer 2 comes with the helpful shake reminder, letting you...
  • Cook-at-a-touch. Just hit one of our 10 one-touch presets for perfectly cooked food...
  • A clear advantage. Our removable non-stick coated basket is pfoa-free, bpa-free and...

Last update on 2022-11-23 / Source: Amazon

  • The Nutricook Air Fryer is cutting-edge equipment that will improve the lives of thousands of active people.
  • You may have considered eating delectable French fries, tantalizing Tikki, and other delectable deep-fried meals.
  •  However, you fought this impulse due to your fear of consuming a lot of fat.
  • This device prevents you from repeating this behavior. This Air Fryer uses approximately 85 percent less oil to fry your food without compromising flavor.
  • In addition, it has features such as an exquisite design, a high capacity, a stainless steel finish, and many more.

Why do we like this Air Fryer?

  • System for automatic temperature adjustment
  • Cooking with 85 percent less oil is possible.
  • Detachable, easy-to-clean body
  • 10 Pre-Configured Menu Options
  • Shake reminders aid in evenly cooking the food.
  • An excellent method to indulge in delectable foods without feeling guilty.
  • Two sizes are available, depending on your needs.
  • Smart Temp technology aids in the maintenance of optimal temperature.
  • The user’s manual might have been more comprehensive.

2. Black+Decker Digital Air Fryer

BLACK+DECKER Digital Air Fryer 1500W 4L Capacity, 360° Hot Air Convection Technology Temperature-Time...
  • POWERFUL - 1500W Power Digital Air Fryer.
  • SIZE - A food basket that holds up to 4l of food and can handle up to 1.2kg food in...
  • SAFE – Premium cool to touch handle with safety detachable lock.
  • VERSITILE - Fry, Bake, Grill and Roast Your Favorite Food at Home.
  • EFFICIENT - The rapid air convention heating inside the fryer and the temperature...

Last update on 2022-11-23 / Source: Amazon

  • The BLACK + DECKER AF400B5 features a sleek and modern appearance that is quite eye-catching. Another distinguishing feature is the drop-down door with a big viewing window..
  • As a result, you can keep an eye on your meal while doing other tasks in the kitchen. Its rapid hot air circulation mechanism evenly healthily cooks your food. 
  • Furthermore, it includes a variable temperature control capability. As a result, you may bake or prepare at the precise temperature required for the meal.
  • For a family of four, it has a 4-liter capacity, which is more than plenty. Furthermore, it has a modern digital dial and an auto-shutoff feature. Finally, the fact that it is priced in the mid-range makes it an excellent buy.

Why do we like this Air Fryer?

  • System of rapid hot air circulation
  • Versatile: air frying, roasting, baking, grilling
  • Innovative spaceship design
  • Large viewing window in a drop-down door
  • Excellent design excellent capacity
  • User-friendly
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • A bit difficult to clean

3. COSORI Air Fryer with 100 Recipes Cookbook

COSORI Air Fryer with 100 Recipes Cookbook,1700W Max XL 5.5 L Digital Touchscreen Air Fryers Oven with 11...
  • Healthy Choice: 360 hot air circulation,85% oil less but deliver the same deliciously...
  • 5.5L XL Capacity: Suitable for a whole family with 4-6 members; square design offers...
  • LED One-touch Screen: Featuring 11 presets steak, poultry, seafood, shrimp, bacon,...
  • 100 Free Recipes: Delicious and easy recipes for every meal; find out how our...
  • Considerate Safe Choice: Removable nonstick Coated basket are dishwasher safe,...

Last update on 2022-11-23 / Source: Amazon

  • The redesigned Cosori Pro II Air Fryer allows you to prepare nutritious, delicious meals for the entire family.
  • A typical air fryer from Cosori contains 85 percent less fat than deep-fried food, making it a healthier option for consumers.
  • Air Crisp Technology employs a strong convection fan to cook your food up to twice as fast as a conventional oven.
  • You can alter and save any setting to your preference using the 12 cooking options. So enjoy all of the tastes of fried cuisine without the negative health consequences.

Why do we like this Air Fryer?

  • 10 Adaptable Presets
  • One-Touch Options
  • Reminder to Shake
  • Keep Warm Option
  • Preheat Option
  • Auto-Shutdown
  • It has a one-touch LED panel that makes it simple to use.
  • Dishwasher-safe and detachable parts
  • Makes cleaning and upkeep easier
  • It is lightweight and has ergonomic handles.
  • Attaching and detaching the basket may be challenging.

4. Philips Kitchen Appliances Essential Air fryer

Philips Kitchen Appliances Essential Airfryer Compact 1.8Lb/4.1L Capacity Digital With Rapid Air...
  • Bring home the Airfryer so you can have 100% taste satisfaction with crispy on the...
  • Crafted by our team of experts, who have been perfecting airfryer technology for over...
  • The air fryer can do more than just fry; it also grills, roasts, bakes and even...
  • Unleash the full potential of your Philips Airfryer to cook meals that are tastier...

Last update on 2022-11-23 / Source: Amazon

  • If you’re looking for a compact air fryer that doesn’t take up a lot of space, this is an excellent choice.
  • With its “Starfish” design on the bottom of the frying basket, Philips HD9252/91 ensures that all food is exposed to consistent heat and cooked crispy, resulting in a wide variety of exquisite dishes.
  • Furthermore, Philips claims that using this air fryer requires 90 percent less oil, making it a healthier way to enjoy typically deep-fried meals without sacrificing flavor.

Why do we like this Air Fryer?

  • Keep-warm feature
  • Most silent air fryer
  • Excellent for tiny kitchens
  • Crispy outcomes for both the fries and the chicken wings
  • Excellent crispness of results
  • Useful presets
  • Cooking time can be adjusted
  • Customized recipe app
  • Expensive
  • Limited capacity

5. Ninja Air Fryer Max AF160UK

Ninja Air Fryer Max, 5.2 Litres, Grey and Black
  • Guilt-free fried food using little to no oil
  • Cooks up to 50% faster than fan ovens* (*Tested against fish fingers and sausages.)
  • 6 cooking functions - Max Crisp, Air Fry, Roast, Bake, Reheat & Dehydrate
  • Air Fry – Up to 75% less fat than traditional frying methods** (**Tested against...
  • Dishwasher-safe parts. Includes family-sized 5.2L non-stick basket

Last update on 2022-11-23 / Source: Amazon

  • The Ninja AF 101 air fryer is one of the best on the market. Every feature of this appliance, from temperature control to user-friendliness and cooking capacity, is outstanding.
  • It also functions as a food hydrator and may control the amount of liquid in any dish cooked in the air fryer.
  • Temperature precision is critical since the device can slowly eliminate or cook quickly with convection heat.
  • There are four cooking modes available on the device: air fry, roast, reheat, and dehydrate. It has a large capacity, enough for numerous meals, and the Max Crisp option allows it to do more than an oven can, but faster.

Why do we like this Air Fryer?

  • Automatic shut-off
  • Control type switch
  • Temperature control
  • Quickly and efficiently cooks
  • Crisper plate with ceramic coating
  • Simple to use and clean
  • Large capacity in a tiny package
  • Diverse functions operate in different ways.
  • Fits in most kitchens and can be stored
  • No window for viewing
  • Expensive

  Best Air Fryers in UAE 2023 (Buying guide)

Let’s look at the qualities you should look for when purchasing an Air Fryer.

Capacity for Cooking:

When purchasing an air fryer, consider the frying capacity. Air fryers have cooking capacities ranging from 2-4 liters. For a modest family of two, a 2-liter capacity is suitable. The one with a capacity of 4 liters is ideal for a medium family of 3-4 people.


Most air fryers have a three-pronged socket and produce between 1000 and 1500 watts. Most Air Fryers will have a chord length of about 1.5 meters. Make sure the Air Fryer is in a flat area. Maintain a clean environment as well.

Temperature Control:

Cooking at higher temperatures also prevents baked goods and batter coatings from absorbing too much fat. First, however, you must ensure that the equipment has adequate control and precise temperature measurements.

The level of noise:

Because they use a fan to circulate hot air over the food, air fryers make a lot of noise; some units may be quieter than others. However, it should not be any louder than your air conditioner. Otherwise, it would be uncomfortable for you.


Price is a crucial consideration that should not be overlooked. Our selection of air fryers comes in several price ranges so that you may choose the best one for you and your family.

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FAQs –best Air fryers in UAE 2023

What can I do with my air fryer?

French fries, fried chicken, and baked potatoes with crispy skin may all be made in the air fryer because of the appliance’s ability to achieve such a high degree of crispness and crunch. It’s also a favorite method of cooking meats like steak or chicken because the results are generally juicy and tasty.

Do air fryers pose a safety risk?

The majority of studies demonstrate that air frying is healthier than deep-frying with oil. It reduces calories by 70% to 80% and contains significantly less fat. In addition, this cooking method may help to reduce some of the other negative impacts of oil frying.

Is there a lot of energy used by air fryers?

An air fryer uses a comparatively little amount of electricity. Compared to the typical oven, deep fryer, and microwave, this is a significant improvement. The majority of air fryers on the market today (Philips, Nuwave, GoWise) require an average of 1500 watts of energy.

Is an air fryer superior to an oven?

An air fryer or a countertop oven set to the air fry option often circulates the air quicker than a convection oven. Depending on your recipe, this can occasionally result in a crispier finish that is just a little closer to a solid deep-fried finish.

Do air fryers cook more quickly?

As a result of the circulating air, air fryer food cooks faster than food prepared in other cooking methods such as deep-frying or using a standard oven.


When it comes to food preparation, air fryers are fantastic. So it’s no surprise that they’ve taken the market by storm and have become a need in every home.

However, not every air fryer is suitable for every family. Some are better suited for larger families, while others have more pre-programmed recipes.

Therefore, you must first determine your needs and then begin searching for the best air fryers to satisfy those needs. Afterward, you can select one of the choices above or review our buying advice.

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