5 Best Hand Blender UAE 2023

Whether you want to make soups, pastes, mixies, smoothies, or any good recipe like these, then a hand blender is must-have kitchen equipment in your kitchen arsenal. They are straightforward to clean, take less space, and are easy to set up compared to full-size blenders.

Secondly, they take less space, offer excellent maneuverability, and don’t consume much power compared to a standard full-size blender.

Moreover, hand blenders are also great to whisk mils, chopping vegetables, and making omelet eggs. However, hand blenders aren’t as powerful as compared to standard blenders.

Therefore, hand blenders are unsuitable for heavy-duty chopping and grinding, such as making mince and dry fruits grinding. Still, they’re worth buying and will make your cooking more accessible and more efficient.

For your ease, we’ve handpicked and written an ultimate review on the five best hand blenders in UAE + buying guide for hand blenders.

So let’s get into it:

1. Moulinex Easychef Hand Mixer

Moulinex Easy Chef Hand Stick Blender - DD45A127 - 450W, Plastic Foot, 2 Speeds
  • Easy-To-Use Handblender Designed For Effortless Daily Use And Perfect Results; 450W...
  • Two Speed Settings (Including Turbo Setting) To Cover Any Ingredient, With...
  • Easy To Clean Hand Blender With Dishwasher-Safe Removable Parts Robust And Durable...
  • Ergonomic Handle With Textured Grip For Comfortable Use And Easy Mixing
  • Anti-Splash Foot To Protect Against Mess And Splatters

Last update on 2024-03-22 / Source: Amazon

  • Moulinex brand is already known for making high-quality and flagship kitchen appliances at a great price. If you ever visited the market to buy kitchen appliances, you might have seen Moulinex at the top of the list. The company didn’t forget their hand mixers either.
  • First of all, unlike other hand mixers that create the vortex to pull the food into the bottom against blades. It creates up and down motion in the food to be ground more uniformly and faster than the vortex technique.
  • The up and down motion speeds up the grinding time and makes the food more uniformly ground and refined. To prevent you from any shock or earth, the blender comes with a heavy-duty PVC frame. It’s the same PVC from which the smartphone’s back is produced.
  • If we talk about the power consumption of this machine, it consumes 450 Watts of power, and it requires 230 Volts to get operational. It’ll cost you about 90$ without shipping charges. Overall, according to the price, it’s worth buying.

Why do we like this Hand Blender?

  • High-quality PVC body
  • 450 Watts motor for energy saving
  • 2-speed modes
  • Comes with 4 different blades
  • High resistance to corrosion
  • Up and down motion of the food to prevent splashes
  • Perfect option for budget customer
  • No anti-vibration mechanism

2. Philips HR1605 Hand blender

PHILIPS 650W with metal bar, promix, 0.5l, compact chopper, white, 3 pin HR2535/01 2 years warranty
  • Anti-Splash blade guard
  • 650W Powerful Motor
  • ProMix Advanced blending technology
  • Single button release system
  • Ergonomic design

Last update on 2024-03-21 / Source: Amazon

  • Philips, the brand of trust! If you know the era of the ’90s, you might remember Phillips was the leading consumer electronics company in the age of the 90s.
  • Still, Philips is considered the most reliable and premium brand in the world. If you’re searching for a premium-grade flagship hand mixer, there’s no wonder HR1605 is the perfect option.
  • The machine comes with three-speed modes and is an all-in-one grinding solution for your cooking needs.
  • The company claims that the device contains 9999% pure copper winding, which is perfect for long-term usage and is the sign of reliability and premiumness.

Why do we like this Hand Blender?

  • 999% pure copper winding
  • 650W  Watts motor
  • Three-speed modes
  • Due to copper winding, it provides an efficiency of about 85%+.
  • Comes with anti vibration mechanism
  • Perfect for long-term usage
  • Not cool and up to date in terms of design.

3. Braun Hand Blender, White

Braun Hand Blender, White, 350 Ml, MQ3025, MQ 3025 Omelette, S
  • Simple 2 speed activation: The simple Dual Speed control is logical and easy to use....
  • Compatible with wave cut attachments: This motor unit is compatible with all Braun...
  • SplashControl Technology: Prevents splashing – to keep you and your kitchen...
  • Powerful 700 W motor: For fast and easy preparation.
  • Chopper 350 ml, Whisk and 600 ml BPA-free plastic beaker included

Last update on 2024-03-21 / Source: Amazon

  • This might be the best hand blender for you if you want a premium experience and have a high budget. First of all, the product doesn’t come with only a hand blender. Instead, it’s an all in one kit for your grinding needs.
  • The kit includes a hand blender, hand beater, grinding box, and a 1000 ml large cup on which you can do grinding of the food.
  • This premium MQ 3025 comes in a premium experience, but of course, it provides premium features and quality. Ideal for making soups, milkshakes, smoothies, ice-creams and dressings. Moreover, the blender comes in 2 speed controls; low and high.
  • The best thing that we like about this product is its anti-splash technology. The blender is designed so that it doesn’t spread splashes of the food outside the jar.
  • Of all the hand blenders in the article, this one has the enormous capacity jar, 1000 ml. Whereas other hand blenders only offer the jar of about 500-800 ml. If we talk about its power consumption, the blender consumes approximately 700 Watts and works in the current of about 220-270 Volts.

Why do we like this Hand Blender?

  • Complete kit for your blending needs
  • 700 watts motor, enough for blending everyday food items
  • 220-270 volts operation, suitable for Asia, Europe and American countries
  • Heavy duty 700 watts motor
  • Extra large blending glass; 1000 ml
  • Anti vibration mechanism
  • The 700 watts motor may consumes a lot of power

4. Kenwood Hand Blender HDP406WH

Kenwood Hand Blender 800W With 500Ml Chopper, 750Ml Beaker, Whisk, Puree/Masher, Soup XL, Stainless Steel...
  • This hand blender helps prepare vegetables, soups, purees, dips, sauces and mash...
  • The 800 w motor combined with the patented metal triblade foot which contains three...
  • The soup xl attachment has an extra-large foot which can blend soups directly in the...
  • The puree masher attachment gives you an effortless, showstopper, creamy and smooth...
  • More powerful than ever before, and able to handle 20 percent heavier loads for all...

Last update on 2024-03-21 / Source: Amazon

  • There’s no wonder that Kenwood is one of the world’s biggest electronics companies, and they’re popularly known for making electronic kitchen appliances. Kenwood didn’t leave behind in their hand blender series as well. 
  • For those who don’t know, Kenwood has a wide variety of hand blenders. However, HDP406WHif you’re looking for something worth buying, then you must go with HDP406WH. The thing that makes this hand blender worth buying is its features and build quality,
  • The products don’t come alone in the order. Instead, you’ll get a complete hand mixing kit in the order. You can check the order page to see what is included in the kit.
  • However, if we talk about the product alone, it comes with all the standard features that you can expect from a hand mixer. But, of course, this machine is from Kenwood so that you can expect something better.
  • The mixer offers you three-speed modes, and This hand mixer has the highest rated power motor of all the products in this review; 800 watts.
  • If we talk about its performance, the mixer’s blade can rotate with the speed of up to 6500 RPM, which is more than enough for grinding all your daily life food items.

Why do we like this Hand Blender?

  • 2-years brand warranty
  • 800 watts motor; so you blend almost any food item you want.
  • 4 speed modes
  • Highly efficient blender, offers about 81% of efficacy which is quite good in this price range
  • Stylish and good in aesthetics
  • Capable to make mince of the meat
  • Extra ordinary vibrations

5. Black+Decker Hand Blender with Chopper

BLACK+DECKER 600W 600ml Hand Blender With Chopper Chopping Bowl, Stainless Steel Blades, 500ml Beaker, 2...
  • POWER - Powerful 600w heat resistant dc motor for superior performance.
  • CAPACITY - 600Ml chopping bowl for variety of food preparations 500ml beaker.
  • EFFECTIVE - 3 In 1 Functionality with range of accessories for a variety of food...
  • EFFICIENT - 2 Speed buttons for faster and effective results.
  • DURABLE - Durable stainless-steel shaft with splash control design for blending and...

Last update on 2024-03-22 / Source: Amazon

  • Here comes the most flagship and premium quality hand mixer of this review; Black + Decker HB600-B5. First of all, note that it’s the same Black and Decker company; they just rebranded their kitchen appliances to Black + Decker.
  • For those looking for an expensive, flagship and premium quality hand blender, believe us, this product is for you! First of all, unlike other mixers which use Iron frames, this machine is made up of Aluminium.
  • Aluminum, a non-corrosive and highly resistive metal which makes it lasts a long and prevents it from picking corrosion.
  • It comes with an energy-efficient 600 Watts motor and anti vibratory mechanism, which prevents the body from vibrating excessively during use due to the engine.
  • You get two-speed modes to adjust the intensity of the blender according to the grinding food.

Why do we like this Hand Blender?

  • Aluminum body
  • 84% efficacy output by the motor
  • Comes in 3 different speed modes
  • Ideal for doing everyday food blending, mixing and crushing
  • Anti vibratory mechanism
  • Expensive, but worth buying product
  • Not good if you’re looking for a budget friendly hand blender

 Best Hand blender UAE (Buying guide)

Now, if you’re purchasing the hand blender for the first time, you may end up buying the wrong type of hand blender that doesn’t match what you need.

Because, overall, a hand blender is an electronic machine that you might consider the specs before purchasing any hand blender. That’s why fro your ease, below we’ve written an ultimate buying guide for hand blenders:

Hand blender’s Power Consumption

The first thing you need to consider while purchasing any hand blender is its power and motor speed. Usually, an average motor consumes power of about 400-600 Watts.

However, some consume more power, 700-1000 Watts. Such kinds of blenders are usually more powerful. But, it doesn’t mean you always need to purchase a hand blender with high output power for more efficient work.

Motor Speed

The thing that matters is the speed of the motor. It determines how powerful the motor is and how efficiently it’ll grind the food. The rate of the hand blender is measured in RPMs, aka Revolutions Per Minute.

Usually, an average hand blender’s motor can rotate with a speed of about 5000-8000 RPMs. Plus, note that more the RPMs, more vibration, and splashes will produce in the blender.

Speed Modes

Generally, a hand blender comes in 2 different speed modes. However, there are some premium categories of hand blenders that offer three modes. The mode in the hand blender is to control the speed of the hand blender.

If you’re using the blender in liquid substance, you might consider operating the machine in low-speed mode to avoid splashes. Similarly, the solid substance may require you to work the machine in high-speed mode to get refined ground food.

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FAQs -Best Hand blender UAE 2023

Can we use a hand blender instead of a beater?

Generally, hand blenders make your blending, grinding, and mixing task quickly and efficiently. If compared with a regular hand beater, it’ll consume you a lot of time. Secondly, the output will not be as efficient as a hand blender.

Can hand blenders blend hard food items such as ice?

Yes, they can. For that purpose, it’s better to add liquid to get effective results and to protect the blades of your blender.

Do hand blenders produce vibrations?

Of course, they do. Hand blenders consist of an electric motor when it runs, causes the body to vibrate. However, some hand blenders offer an anti-vibration style body.

How to measure the efficiency of a hand blender?

The efficiency of hand blenders doesn’t depend on RPM nor on the power of the motor. Instead, to find the efficiency, divide the RPM of the motor with the power of the motor and multiply the result by 10. This is how you can find the efficiency of any hand blender in %


There’s no wonder that hand blenders are an essential kitchen appliance for your cooking needs. It saves your time and effort while blending, mixing, or crushing the food for your cooking.

That’s why in this article we’ve reviewed the 5 best hand blenders in UAE 2023 and mentioned the buying guide for you.

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