Top 5 best massage chair UAE 2021

When it comes to the best massage chair UAE, there are many things to consider. There are so many options available that can complicate your life when trying to figure out which one is best for you.

If you want to learn more about them, read reviews online and research the company or website that sells them. We’ll discuss some of the best-reviewed chairs in this article in order of most expensive to least expensive, so you have a better idea of what’s available!

1. ARES iSmart Intelligent Full Body Massage Chair

best massage chair uae
  • The ARES iSmart Intelligent Full Body Massage Chair comes with Zero Gravity technology which allows you to lean back to enjoy the whole body massage experience..
  • The advanced SL-track roller design helps to stimulate your muscles and improve blood circulation, relieving muscle tension and improving posture
  • The ARES iSmart intelligent massage chair has 3D massage rollers that provide a more natural and comfortable massage. You can get this incredible technology at your doorstep for as low as AED for this fantastic piece of technology!
  • The best part about the ARES iSmart Intelligent Full Body Massage Chair is its Zero Gravity Technology. It allows you to lean back to enjoy the best massage experience.
  • The advanced SL-track roller design helps to stimulate your muscles and improve blood circulation, relieving muscle tension and improving posture.

Why do we like this Massage Chair?

  •  From top to bottom, SL-Track Roller Technology
  •  Speakers with Bluetooth connectivity
  •  Design with Zero Walls (Space Saving)
  •  Scanning of backrests
  • Excellent comfort
  • Relieves sore muscles
  • Joints and muscles aching
  • Havey feet part

2. Sparnod Fitness Full Body Massage Chair

Body Massage Chair
  • Sparnod Fitness CLASSIC Full Body Massage Chair is one of the most advanced and complete massage chairs available in the market. It has a wide range of features like:
  • Zero Gravity: The zero-gravity function allows you to lay back and relax without any stress, aligning your spine and neck to provide the ultimate level of comfort. You can also use this function when watching TV or reading a book.
  • – Bluetooth: With Bluetooth technology, you can connect your phone to this chair and listen to music while getting a massage. While lying on the chair, you can use it as a phone stand to do some work.
  • Four massage programs: You can choose between four modes that best suit your mood and needs – Back & Shoulders, Full Body, Lower Body, or Knead.

Why do we like this Massage Chair?

  • Massage mechanism for the back in three dimensions and a L-shape back track
  • Through Bluetooth, you can listen to music
  • Huggers of walls
  • A zero-gravity environment
  • The airbag massage works the shoulders, arms, buttocks, calves, and feet
  • Calf and back heat
  • USB charging
  • The footrest extends automatically based on the number of rows underfoot
  • Zero gravity
  • High price

3. ARES uStyle Full Body Massage Chair

massage chair uae
  • The uStyle Full Body Massage Chair with Zero Gravity and Advanced Foot Roller gives you a relaxing home spa experience.The ergonomic design will allow you to relax your back and neck muscles while enjoying the air pressure massage on your entire body.
  • The new uStyle chair combines the best massage, zero gravity position, foot roller massage, heating function on the waist, LED remote controller, and adjustable footrest to provide a whole-body massage experience like no other.
  • The unique foot roller massager attached at the chair’s base allows you to stretch your feet freely, while the kneading massage will help you relax. Your body’s best comfort level can even be selected by adjusting its height!
  • It also features a heating function on the waist, perfect for cold weather and winter months when having back pain or stiff neck are the most common problems. The uStyle has an LED remote controller.

Why do we like this massage chair?

  • Zero gravity with just one button
  • Full body air massage
  • Fourteen massage points inside the backrest
  • Spot and partial massage
  • Unique Foot Roller Massage
  • Adjustable footrest
  • LED Remote Controller

    4. AIWANTO SMING Massage Chair

    massage chair for home
    • This is a multi-function massage chair with zero gravity, Shiatsu, and massage rail. It also has 6 AI intelligent programs and HIFI Bluetooth Music.
    • The fantastic design of this electric massage chair will make you comfortable as if you are on the cloud.
    • It is easy to operate and can be folded into a small size for storage or transportation.
    • This product has been designed by our R&D team, which is one of the top innovation teams in China. In 2016, we won the best design award, as we held more than 40 patent applications.

    Why do we like this Massage chair?

    • The detection of body shapes with smart technology
    • There are 6 AI-based intelligent programs.
    • Bluetooth music with HIFI
    • 4D Manipulator
    • Zero Gravity
    • Stereo Effect:
    • High price

    5. Sparnod Fitness Full Body Massage Chair

    full body massage chair
    • Sparnod PLUSH full-body massage chair is designed to give you perfect relaxation. It features multi-function, Bluetooth music, and dedicated foot & calf massage.
    • The Zero Gravity feature helps you reduce the burden on your spine by taking pressure off your back muscles and joints.
    • You can also enjoy a perfect spa experience at home with its multi-function including air bubble, rolling kneading, shiatsu, and vibration massage modes.
    • Sparnod PLUSH will help you relieve fatigue after work or a busy day and enhance your working efficiency. It also provides the best service for pregnant women to ease their back pain.
    • As the best massage chair, Sparnod PLUSH is the best choice for you to experience ultimate relaxation at home!.

    Why do we like this Massage chair?

    • Air bubbles are included in this multifunction device. 
    • The rolling and kneading of dough, 
    • There are two types of massage: Shiatsu and vibration
    • Zero gravity
    • Heat for the back and calf
    • L-shape back track
    • Havey

    Best massage chair UAE (Buying guide)

    Consider these factors before purchasing a massage chair. You will be able to find the chair you need if you keep following these points in mind:


    There is a lot of space required for a massage chair. Therefore, it is of extreme importance that you are fully aware of the room in your home.

    If you imagine the space in your house that your chair will occupy, try imagining where it will be placed. Try rearranging your other furniture to create additional space if you do not have much.

    Massage Power

    It is best to look for a massage chair that has strong massage power. A degree of intensity is determined by it. Answers are neither right nor wrong.

    A low to medium power level may appeal to some people. Some people may select high settings. You may want to look into those that have adjustable power settings. The settings can be adjusted whenever you wish.

    Massage Types

    A message type must be taken into consideration when using the char. For instance, there are air pressure massages, full-body massages, and magnetic sole rollers.

    Among our many massage levels, there are five. You can get assistance from your retailer. If you are unsure which massage will suit your needs, try each one out first.

    Zero Gravity

    You should make sure your message chair has this feature. By reclining and placing your body in this way, your massage chair ensures that you will not feel any weight on your body and will provide the best relaxation.


    When buying a chair, you may want to consider portability. Portable massage chairs include rollable and foldable models that are easier to transport than stationary chairs.

    S Track: 

    Massage chairs that follow the curve of your spine and body follow the angle of your neck.

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    FAQ-best massage chair UAE

    Why spend so much on a Massage Chair?

     Spending so much on this piece of equipment is worth it, however. The best chairs offer a whole-body experience with features that work to relieve pain and stress. Additionally, they are designed to be comfortable enough to be used daily by those with chronic conditions or those who want relief from the day’s focus.

    Is a massage chair worth it?

    For the chair to be helpful to you, it must be able to relieve pressure or tension for a longer time or relieve fatigue –or – if its design matches the decor of your home and makes partying more enjoyable.

    Putting the benefits aside, though, many people find that they need lower-quality massage chairs because those who require higher-quality massage chairs usually have other means as an option.

    Do doctors recommend massage chairs?

    The motion on a massage chair simulates the back, and neck massage professionals use for deep tissue therapy–minus the knot-unwinding fingers expertly on command. What’s more, the chair’s range of motion is designed to stimulate muscles in your hips and legs that rarely get attention otherwise: Pressure waves roll under your buttocks and thighs (and face), and you may feel some voodoo on your spine–a good curse, we promise.

    Can I use a massage chair every day?

     Keep your skin moisturized with moisturizer cream to keep your skin elastic and less prone to injury. Otherwise, you’re inviting injury risk and the risk of becoming dependent on mechanized medicine at the expense of other necessary healthcare interactions.

    Do massage chairs use a lot of electricity?

    Answer: Yes, massage chairs require a lot of energy because they’re a luxury product.

    Consider that a five-minute chair massage takes about the same amount of power to operate as half an hour in the bathroom mirror with an electric toothbrush or hairdryer. Depending on what type of electricity you get your ‘massage’ from, it might take even more control. In other words, if you get it from coal-generated electricity, then it’s probably going to take more than half an hour of energy to produce one five-minute chair massage!

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    Choosing the best massage chair in UAE for you can be a difficult task. With so many options available, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and not know where to start.

    The good thing is that there are online reviews on most websites or companies selling chairs, so you can read them before deciding which one suits your needs.

    This article contains some of the latest top-rated products, ranging from the cheapest chairs to those with bells and whistles! Get to know the various options and find out which might work best for you!

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