5 Best Microwave Oven In UAE 2023 (Buying Guide & Review)

One of the essential kitchen equipment is a microwave oven because it is quick to reheat frozen food. The microwave oven had only been considered a heating device in those days. We now have microwaves that can do more than just heating up with innovations in technology and advances.

Microwave ovens are an inevitable grilling, heating, or even baking appliance. Microwave ovens are ideal for cooking various recipes and food items, for example, popcorn, chicken grills, kebabs, and pizza. It cooks in minutes and saves energy and time.

Most of us in our kitchen has a microwave to cook certain foodstuffs and do other activities. In all, a microwave is a super-various cooking stove that can be used to cook food in less time. However, before you go on and buy the best microwave oven, you need to know different types of microwaves and the task they can do to meet your needs.

1. SAMSUNG MG402MADXBB Grill Microwave Oven

SAMSUNG 40 Liters Microwave Grill Microwave Oven Silver With Ceramic Interior & Mirror Design MG402MADXBB...
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Human interface input: Buttons
  • Capacity: 40 liters
  • Weight: 2 kg
  • Luxurious black mirror design: The luxurious black mirror design will stand out in...

Last update on 2023-12-10 / Source: Amazon

  • The SAMSUNG 40L microwave and mirror-designed grill make cooking delicious meals or heating food simple and this one of the best microwave oven in uae by the sumsung.
  • A grill function also comes with this modern, convenient microwave oven that gives you more options while cooking tasty meals.
  • The three-fold system of distribution ensures that the food you prepare every time is cooked perfectly. An onboard LED touch display provides easy input.
  • The eco-mode of the microwave and grill can help you save your money and the environment by saving up to 40% power.
  • The ceramic enamel interior of the appliance scratch and rust resistance ensures hygiene by preventing bacteria from growing.
  • The local menu facilitates the watering of delicacies in the mouth with a touch of a button. The display makes it simple and easy to enter and track your finger.

Why do we like this Microwave Oven?

  • Capacity 40 liters
  • 10 levels of power
  • Design touch screen
  • Inside ceramic enamel
  • Pre Set options for menus
  • Triple system of distribution


  • Easy to use
  • It is power saving
  • Innovative delivery
  • It’s better to crisp food
  • Black Mirror Luxurious Design


  • High power required
  • Somewhat expensive

2. Samsung 23 Liters Solo Microwave MS23K3513AW

Samsung 23 Liters Solo Microwave with Quick Defrost, White - MS23K3513AW"Min 1 year manufacturer...
  • Quick Defrost: The Quick Defrost function defrosts food rapidly and evenly. Its...
  • Keep Warm: If you’re preparing lots of dishes, the Keep Warm function keeps...
  • Ceramic Inside: The durable CERAMIC INSIDE is easy to keep clean and scratch-free....
  • The Quick Defrost function defrosts food rapidly and evenly. Its automatic defrost...
  • The durable CERAMIC INSIDE is easy to keep clean and scratch-free. Its smooth surface...

Last update on 2023-12-10 / Source: Amazon

  • This 23 Liters white single Samsung microwave utilizes three heat distribution points to give you perfectly cooked dishes via its Triple Distribution System.
  • Besides all the convenient microwave features, ECO Mode can save you energy on your bills as well. Furthermore, the Ceramic Enamel Interior makes grate and oil with a fast wipe very easy to clean, so you’re good to do that. And with a 2-year guarantee for peace of mind.
  • The quick frost function quickly and evenly deflects food. The automatic defrosting algorithm calculates the correct time of defrosting for common types of food so that the preparation of ingredients takes much less time.
  • Enjoy traditional home cooking using a wide variety of locally prepared recettes. Satisfy your cravings. You can create any dish with an easy touch of a button, save time preparing food.

Why do we like this Microwave Oven?

  • Safety lockable panel
  • 20 selection cooking programs
  • 800 watts for quick-cooking output
  • Automatic programs remove cooking devices
  • Capacity 23 liters – great for small families


  • Slip and fulfill his objective
  • Excellent, incredible, and good looking
  • Various controlled heating power settings


  • It is a bit noisy
  • The light is very faint inside

3. Black+Decker 20L Microwave Oven

Black+Decker 20L 700W Microwave Black With Chrome Finish Multiple Timer Options 5 Power Levels, 35 Min...
  • POWERFUL - 700W
  • FLEXIBLE - Comes with 35-minute timer to offer flexibility of usage with different...
  • EFFICIENT - Manual defrost feature that allows for defrosting and cooking in a single...
  • DURABLE - Comprises of coated cavity, ensuring durability of the product and fits a...
  • CONVENIENT - Easy grip handle design makes light work of opening and closing the door...

Last update on 2023-12-11 / Source: Amazon

  • Nobody can doubt that compact, stylish, convenient, and multipurpose kitchen appliances are needed in this present age. There is, however, a “microwave” device without which no kitchen can do. Whether you’ve got a small or large kitchen, a microwave always fits.
  • BLACK+DECKER, MZ2010P, is a single, top-designed microwave oven model suited for uniform heating, food reheating, and freezing and this also one of the best microwave oven in UAE by BLACK+DECKER .
  • Equipped with a total capacity of 20 liters, the accommodation is perfect for small families, graduates, students who have a holiday in small apartments, studios and hostels, etc.
  • It includes a coated cavity, ensures the product’s durability, and fits into a 255mm glass turntable. The straightforward design of the grip handle makes the door light.

Why do we like this Microwave Oven?

  • Weight and time-freezing
  • Timer control for 35 minutes
  • Chrome Completed Knobs Control
  • Five various power modes of the microwave


  • It looks exquisite
  • Fast heats up the food
  • Not too expensive, affordable
  • Easy and trustworthy


  • Challenging to check the timer
  • Have no temperature display screen
  • The knob is too slippery to turn and snap

4. Panasonic 25 Liters Solo Microwave

Panasonic 25 Liters Solo Microwave, Silver Nnst34H"Min 1 year manufacturer warranty"
  • 25l compact solo microwave oven with 800w cooking power
  • Auto reheat and turbo defrost for ease and convenience
  • 9 auto cook menu's

Last update on 2023-12-11 / Source: Amazon

  • Bring the Solo Microwave 25L Panasonic home and simplify your work in your kitchen.
  • It has features such as automatic heat so that cooked food can be heated without trouble.
  • The microwave defrosted meat and poultry rapidly to save your time with the turbo defrost function. Powerful for everyday use, the 800W Panasonic 25L Microwave ensures smooth and efficient operations.
  • The child safety lock ensures that your child does not suffer accidental injuries by using the device.

Why do we like this Microwave Oven?

  • 9 Menus for auto Cook
  • Turn able size 288mm
  • Lock for Child Safety
  • Compact 800W Solo Microwave Oven
  • Facilities of auto reheating and turbo defrost


  • Efficient energy
  • Rapid food heating
  • Useful automatic software
  • Different levels of power
  • LED lighting lightens the inside of the oven


  • Cleanliness
  • Little bit Noisy
  • No door opening button

5. LG 42 Liter Neo Chef Inverter Microwave

Last update on 2023-12-11 / Source: Amazon

  • LG Neo Chef is capable of storing 42L. This LG convection microwave provides a maximum output of 1350W for food heating applications. The LG MH8265CIS 42L Neo Chef Microwave Inverter makes cooking easier.
  • It has a sleek design that fits well in the decor of a modern kitchen. There is a six-point turntable that avoids the spilling and tipping of center items during cooking.
  • The convection microwave is powered by smart inverter technology from LG, which provides an uninterrupted linear power supply for cooking, reheating, and freezing food uniformly.
  • This microwave’s precise temperature control allows it to cook various dishes that could never have been cooked before.
  • This compact microwave has an energy-efficient LED lamp, which is three times higher than in conventional microwaves.
  • In addition, the LG 42L Neo Chef Inverter comes with a grill, which allows you to cook crisp, grilled food without being hot.

Why do we like this Microwave Oven?

  • Heating even
  • Cooking Fast
  • Perceptive inverter
  • 99.99 percent Antibacterial


  • Technology of glass touch
  • Even cooking inverter technology
  • Very powerful heating at 1200 watts faster
  • Easy to clean, antibacterial layered interior
  • Functions for reheating, softening, and melting


  • A bit expensive

 Best Microwave Oven in UAE (Buying guide)

As long as you decide to purchase a microwave and go into a shop or start shopping online, it is a daunting task to steer through the wide variety of microwave options. Depending on the requirements, this is a small guide on what you need to consider when buying a microwave oven.

For what most of your microwave is used?

This determines the kind of models you should look at if you know what you will use your microwave for.

Three types of microwaves are available:

  • Only Microwave: (sometimes known as the solo microwave) A fundamental microwave that heats and freezes food.
  • Grill Microwave: It has an integrated grill element that is ideal for tightening up the tops of certain dishes.
  • Microwave combination: Baking, grilling, and microwaving are all possible in this standard oven.

How much money are you going to spend?

You don’t have to pay for a precise microwave over the odds. The greater the number of features and accessories you can expect for a microwave, the more you have to pay.  We have discovered some cheap microwaves that do an excellent job on a budget, and therefore think of what supplements you need.

How large do you need the microwave?

The size of the microwave is different, and how much room you can cook at once is determined by the space inside. A small interior might not be an issue if you want to reheat the odd meal for one or two people. However, you have to ensure that you do not fight to fit your plates when regularly reheating bigger batches.

Would you like auto-cook programs?

If you want to make meals as quickly and painlessly as possible, you might want to consider a microwave with several different auto programs.

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FAQs – About Best Microwave Ovens in UAE in 2023

Is microwave radiation harmful to the human body?

Microwaves do not emit microwave radiation when they are working correctly. Several safety features are built into microwaves to keep the machine’s energy from leaking out while it’s in use. The microwave’s safety features will immediately shut it down if there’s any risk of microwave radiation escaping due to damage or malfunction.

Is it true that using a microwave reduces the nutritional value of food?

Heat-sensitive vitamins are lost when food is cooked in any way, whether it’s by boiling, steaming, or microwaving. Studies have shown that using a microwave instead of boiling or steaming preserves up to seven times more nutrients.

Why am I unable to use a microwave with metal?

Because metal reflects microwave energy, cooking will be hampered. The reflection of their reflected energy can damage microwaves.

How does a convection microwave differ from a standard microwave oven?

In contrast to traditional microwaves, convection microwaves use hot air circulation for cooking food more evenly and quickly. It’s also possible to brown or crisp food in ways that a standard microwave simply cannot.

Is it harmful to consume microwaved food daily?

As a result of microwave radiation, your food will not become “radioactive” or lose nutrients, nor is it harmful. Although some chemicals can leak into your food when you microwave plastic containers repeatedly, the amounts are too small to have an impact on your health.

How can I choose the best microwave oven in UAE?

How often you use your microwave will be determined by your food preparation plans, the size of your microwave, and the frequency with which you plan to cook in it.

A 1000-watt touchpad or dial oven is a good option if you only need to warm up a few things for a small gathering. An 1800-watt or 2100-watt high-capacity oven may be necessary if you plan to cook frequently and want more capacity and speed. Even if your kitchen is cramped, you can still have a powerful oven with a high wattage compact unit.

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Microwave equipment is a relatively small financial investment. This allows most consumers to be picky with a little more room, and the microwave is the best suited for their needs, preferences, and overall lifestyle.

A device like a microwave oven needs the knowledge to decide what’s right for you. If you spend a while choosing the best microwave oven in UAE 2023 for yourself, you can save a lot of trouble and money. It saves your valuable time, too.

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